Shipping cost

Shipping cost

Note: Free shipping on orders over $150!¹

Shipping cost depends on the shipping method you choose, the weight of your order and destination country. So buy more and save more! For example: the DHL express charge is almost the same price for 1 or 5 items with the package. The heavier the parcel, the cheaper the shipping cost per KG. When you make the order, our system will calculate automatically the shipping cost for you.

Local taxes and import duties may be incurred in some countries and are not included in the amounts shown. The buyer or recipient of the shipment is responsible for all such taxes and duties. Our products are sold worldwide and we cannot guarantee that they meet the import requirements of every country. If in doubt, please check with your country’s customs office prior to ordering.

Process time

We will process the order within 48 hours once we get your payment.

Shipping time

The shipping time depends on the shipping method you choose.

TNT Global Courier:  5-7 business days.

DHL:  3 – 5 business days.

EMS:  5 – 7 business days.

UPS Expedited:  5-7 business days.


(¹ – not applicable to North and South American countries)